Chad Chesmark has performed and spoken to over a million people throughout the course of his 21-year career as a keynote speaker, hypnotist and comedy magician.

He is the author of the best-selling book, "How To Predict The Future By Creating It Yourself - The User's Manual For Your Subconscious Mind."

Chad has performed for every major cruise line, for hundreds of corporate clients, and stared in several Las Vegas shows including his own headlining residencies at The Strat & The Downtown Grand at the House of Magic.

He has the ability to combine his mastery of the subconscious mind, world-class sleight of hand skills, and comedy to deliver a one-of-kind experience for your event.

Each presentation is customized for your audience so that they feel like they're seeing a show that was created just for them.

Whether your goal is have your guests laughing out loud while being amazed or if you'd like Chad to teach your audience how to tap into the most powerful part of their mind... Chad will design the perfect show for you.

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Las Vegas, NV


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"It would be an understatement to say that our guests enjoyed your presence during our company event. In fact, you actually MADE our event a memorable one – folks can’t stop talking about you !!! 

Your interactions and ability to adjust your entertainment style to the various groups of people you encountered, shows your unique ability to tune into what catches peoples interest.

 Your flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile to please our guests was key to the success of our event and we highly recommend your services (and have) to any organization, big or small — looking for that special touch to make their event spectacular.”

- Gloria Fallin Executive Director

"Comedy-Magic Unhinged" is Chad's current Las Vegas Show. 

Featuring a hilarious, award-winning, highly-engaging performance with Chad Chesmark. 

This is NOT your typical "abracadabra" (aka too cheesy) type of magic show, and we’re not responsible for any beverages that you may shoot out of your nose from laughter.

"If Howie Mandel, David Copperfield, and Jim Carrey had a child… Chad is what you’d get! "

This high-energy show features a unique blend of mind-blowing magic, gut-busting humor, and audience interaction. A blend of comedic trickery that you don’t want to miss! 

Chad has spent the last 21-years traveling the world performing for more than a million people. Now you can bring this Las Vegas show right to your event!

How to Predict the Future By Creating It Yourself

Interactive Keynote Presentation

This is not your average talk where the audience simply sits back and listens! This a fully interactive presentation that is guaranteed to engage, entertain, and motivate your team to both set, and conquer leadership goals.

Chad’s 60-90 minute keynote presentation was inspired by his best-selling book, “How to Predict The Future By Creating It Yourself - The User’s Manual For Your Subconscious Mind,”

Combining his skills as a speaker, mentalist, Las Vegas Magician, and certified hypnotist (No, the audience won't be hypnotized) -nChad demonstrates the extraordinary powers of our subconscious minds.

In a series of seemingly random events, the audience will have thoughts "magically" plucked from their minds. Each mind-reading demonstration conveys the impact that powerful focus has on our ability expand our capabilities by consciously activating the most powerful part of our minds.

Chad visually shows the audience, with hands-on engagement, how to incorporate these simple, but powerful techniques into their daily lives to transform them into powerful, passionate, and effective leaders.

Seemingly random events, that are all created by the audience, lead up to an impossible revelation of the word LEADER. (The final revelation word can also be customized to fit your theme.) This will BLOW their minds and encourage them to take conscious, and subconscious, ACTION towards massive achievement.

Grab a Copy of Chad's Book HERE

Comedy Hypnosis Show

Your Audience Are The Stars!

During this 60-90 -minute comedy show, up to 20 volunteers from the audience will come onstage and become hypnotized. Chad will work as the conductor of the show and share the volunteer’s personalities and imaginations with the audience. 

The show will be corporate friendly with a PG rating. The audience will see the hypnotized volunteers reacting to many hypnotic suggestions that will temporarily alter their environments, change their personalities, cause them to forget their names, and even lead them to see things that aren’t there. 

The hypnotized volunteers will truly become the stars of the show in this unforgettably fun, and funny, journey the world of imagination and the power of suggestion.

Close-Up Strolling or Table-Side Magic

Energize Your Social Hour, Banquets, & Conferences

Turn Your Social Hour into an Interactive, Fun, & Memorable Experience with Chad's award-winning close-up magic & mentalism (mind-reading). 

Here, Chad will delight your guests and serve as your roving brand ambassador, strolling from group to group. This is a guaranteed way to keep your guests engaged, and stimulate networking, throughout the function while they witness impossible feats of magic & mind reading right in their own hands!

 Chad is a master of sleight of hand magic. He will mingle with your guests while performing the type of magic that will have your guest's jaws dropping to the floor! 

The best part is that close up magic happens just inches away from the audience, leaving them with a one-of-a-kind experience that they will be talking about for months.

INTRODUCING Chad Chesmark's Las Vegas Show


Chad Chesmark